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  • Christina DeSantis

It's a FINE Day to Learn About FINANCING

Photo: Velda Simpson CPM®, HCCP® teaching IREM FIN402, Budgeting, Cash Flow, and Reporting for Investment Real Estate

It’s a FINE day to learn about FINANCING! It is Springtime in Atlanta and these students are bursting with enthusiasm to go to the next level in their capacity. In this class the student learn about budgeting, cash flow, and reporting for Investment Real Estate! They have been given a rich educational environment to master necessary budgeting and accounting skills. This Finance module will help the participants meet their owner’s goals, improve NOI and make an impact on property’s value.

We've had a great time learning while exploring real-life scenarios that help to fully comprehend the financial scope of the property. Student will earn credits toward certification and IREM designation and walk away being able to apply gained wisdom in the market place.

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