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First, I'd like to say how much I enjoyed your class and to let you know that I passed the state exam yesterday. I also wanted to see if there was a possibility that I might affiliate with you as a broker. I mentioned to you that I was interested in working onsite for builders, but this class taught me that in order to do that I would have to surrender my salesperson license that I just worked so hard to get. No way! LOL!

With that said, I thought it would be worth it to reach out to you and see if you would consider permitting me to restart my career by joining your team. I know that your years of knowledge and experience will be invaluable to me and that I will benefit from your mentorship and guidance as I learn and grow in the industry. 

I sincerely hope that there is a place for me and that you will consider me a value-add to your organization. You also taught me that I should not be afraid to ask because the answer just might be "yes"!

Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a golden day!

-Melanie A.

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